How do You Spend Time with God?

Do You have a TAG time (Time Alone with God)? What’s Your Method of Spending Time with God and His Word?

  • Read a daily Devotional Book.
  • Read Through the Bible.
  • Read the New Testament.
  • Journal your response to Scripture sections and/or life situations.
  • Read various spiritual or devotional books.
  • Develop a short prayer list.
  • Or, do word studies, Bible biographies, great chapters of the Bible, etc.

Maybe you have a different method of keeping up your daily devotions. The plan you use is the best plan.

Bible Reading List

Many like to read the Bible through in a year. You can do it by reading 3 chapters a day and 2 extra on the weekend.

There are many programs to choose from which can be found on the Internet. Here is a Chronological Reading Schedule. It’s an attempt to arrange the Scriptures so prophetic messages, parallel passages and other literature can be read in their historical context. For example, we read Isaiah in conjunction with the appropriate sections in Kings and Chronicles. It is imperfect since the dating of some passages (especially many Psalms) are unknown.

Here’s a Through the Bible reading list (not chronological) of Bible books and chapters. You can check them off as you read.

A Bible Study System

If you’d like to dig deeper into God’s Word it’s good to have a method or a system to extract its rich treasures. We have developed a “Personal Bible Study Method” based on our own Bible study as well as the methods of other Bible students. You might find some pointers that would help you get more out of The Word. (Print this onto both sides of a single sheet, fold it, and you will have a little booklet to slip into the cover of your Bible.)

When will you have your TAG time (Time Along with God)? Will it be early morning, evening before bed time? Start small — if you’re just beginning, plan on just a few minutes a day, and lengthen the time as you are ready. Just spend some time Alone with God daily. You’ll have a happier year with God.