Planning a Spiritual Retreat?

Let us help you. We can furnish one Personalized Scripture for each person attending your retreat. The cards will contain a variety of Scriptures (like those in our regular sets). But each participant’s name will be embedded in the scripture on his or her card. Many say, “The Scripture I received was just what I needed!”

We will furnish the cards free. Only if special/expedited shipping is required would you be asked to cover the actual shipping costs. Many Christians discover that these Personalized Scripture Card Sets make the Word of God very real. (We've been supplying personalized Scriptures for retreats in Central California for several years.)

To participate in our retreat program, please write to us on your organization’s letterhead explaining the

  • date and place of your retreat,
  • approximate number of anticipated participants and
  • your email contact address.

We will contact you explaining how to get your names to us and the cards back to you. We will also discuss your deadlines and other details.