Card Sets

Personalized Scripture Cards

Personalized Scripture Cards

  • 70 Scripture promises are in each set!
  • The Scriptures are paraphrased with your name included in the text.
  • You hear God's Word personally!
  • Every Scripture contains the name of your choice appropriately embedded in the text. (One name per set.)

Each Scripture is Personalized

  • The front “title card” can have the full name or other choice. For example, the title card could have “Susan B. Johnson” or “Aunt Suzie” with the given name, “Suzie”, in each of the Bible text cards.
  • See the examples of the personalized Scripture cards below.

They Make Excellent Gifts

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Get well
  • Bereavement
  • Anniversaries
  • any time!

Excellent for Your own
Personal Devotional Time

“My wife and I read a card from each set in the morning before we say grace.”
“I have my scripture cards by my nightstand. I read one just before I go to sleep.”

Share God's Message

The Scripture card sets are a non-threatening witness to God's grace and love.

They also make nice Bible Class Awards or baptism gifts.

People are Saying...

“The Scripture cards have been a wonderful personal blessing to me... I love my Comfort set. They are showing wear. They have been my sustenance some sleepless nights.” -G.R.
“Just have to tell you, It was a blessing to receive the little box of Personal Scripture cards from you. It was so sweet and such a comfort.” - V.K.
“The cards I received were just what I needed. Thank you so much.” - E.M
“Thank you so much. I have ordered from your company before and these cards are such a blessing. Thank you for your ministry.” - S.M.

Scripture Card Examples

Promise of Grace

Promise of Grace

Awesome promises of God's grace and forgiveness. These give an overwhelming sense of God's love for me! Shows how anxious God is to save me!

Precious Promises

Precious Promises

Promises of God's care, love and presence. A broad range of Bible promises.

Words of Comfort

Words of Comfort

Assurance of hope, God's care, comfort and the resurrection. Excellent for those who have lost a loved one or are needing assurance of God's care in times of stress or discouragement.

Quantity Discounts: 10% discount on 10 or more sets; 15% on 20 or more (on entire order).
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Promise of Grace
James J. Schmidt
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